Interior design

Interior design

Art and interior design, two apparently distinct worlds, meet and merge to create spaces capable of exciting and surprising. Both draw inspiration from creativity and the search for harmony, with the aim of creating environments that are not only functional, but also aesthetically satisfying and full of meaning.

Real estate consulting

Being able to rely on available and capable professionals is a decisive advantage. To better assist our clients, we have decided to dedicate a specific service to real estate consulting, created for those who are looking for a home but have not yet decided which property to purchase. With our “Real Estate Consulting” service, we will review the properties chosen together with you to help you understand the potential renovation costs in case you decide to buy that house. We will study the project and the area where you want to invest for your purchase, while maintaining the overall budget you have set. This type of consultation is also useful for you to get to know us and understand what we have to offer regarding your ideas. We will guide you through a presentation that illustrates how we work and what we create; examples and ideas to discuss together what might be most suitable for you and your situation. Once you find the house that reflects your needs and desires, we will continue to support you in the best way possible to proceed with the design and renovation phase, so that we can realize your tailor-made project together.


At Betweenartedesign, we base our renovations on professionalism and expertise. Each project, regardless of size and complexity, is managed to achieve the highest quality. From the initial assessment to the final delivery, our priority is to meet your needs and adhere to the established timelines.

  • Renovations of residential premises
  • Renovation of rooms such as bathroom and kitchen
  • Renovations of commercial premises

Customised furniture

We take care of the study, design and realisation of furniture elements for the entire home. With our creative team we make handcrafted furniture such as built-in wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, kitchens, bookcases, tables and entire bedrooms. We also specialise in the design and production of custom-made glassware, crystal and sinks.

Lighting design

Lighting transforms and personalises a space at least as much as choosing materials and furniture. We strongly believe in the power of light in interior design: that is why we are one of the few companies in Liguria offering this service. We create spaces and furnishings that will make your home elegant, functional and, above all, welcoming. More and more often we propose solutions to our customers that see the lighting elements integrated into the furnishings: following the design of the structures from several points of view allows us to raise the standard of our creations to high levels: suitably lit walk-in wardrobes, niches and bookcases equipped with LED strips or spotlights with diffused or direct light, the aid of the latest lighting technology: nothing is left to chance, for results of great impact. We aspire to completeness in any of our projects, to accompany you in the most suitable choices for the environment you desire.

3D modelling & photorealistic visualisation

Through 3D modelling, we can present the space to you in advance of its realisation. Thanks to this, you can easily make your changes. We take care of a simple and efficient approval process for all project details. The photorealistic visualisation (rendering) technique allows us to show the texture and material of every single component of the environment, including furniture or lighting.

Microcement & Resin

The desire to create in a more artistic sense, to decorate, to reinvent through solutions that are always different and new, has brought us closer to the world of Resins and Microcement, innovative and versatile materials, capable of magically recreating environments of great impact and atmosphere…
Every environment can be transformed, continuous surfaces or walls worked in a skilful and original way, giving elegance and a refined style to spaces. The inherent irregularities in their workmanship and the signs of the passage of time make them an element made by man for man… to be experienced and which inspires fascinating solutions… elegance and refined style…

Tailor-Made’ projects

Tailor-Made’ design is a premium package in which we approach the interior design of your
home in an engaging and complex manner. We analyse the requirements and evaluate in the project phase the solution
best for your needs. With us, you will be the architect of the entire creative phase, which is the heart of the
project. The process consists of 6 phases, which are continuously monitored by our Project Manager.

Defining objectives

Your project begins with a inspection and with the definition of the objectives of the renovation. Our team will will help you describe your – style and resent the best ways of realisation of your wishes.

Ideas & solutions

Identifying options and sharing technical material to provide ideas and tailor-made solutions for you. Through 3D modelling and visualisation photorealistic, we are able to show you the layout of spaces and details of materials. You will be able to see your new . home! This phase can also include also the project documentation (2D drawings) and furniture proposals.


Preparation of the of the estimate of specifications and drafting detail with costs guaranteed timing.


Start of work

Signing of the Contract, start of administrative procedures and confirmation of the start date of the work.

Project implementation and management

At this stage, the Project Manager will act as the interface between you and our team. He will manage the entire project chain, both in the case of our professionals and in the case of construction companies or architectural firms chosen directly by you. He/she will coordinate the work, incorporating and conveying any variants requested during the course of the project.

Final inspection

You will be able to see the result of the work in person. On the occasion of the visit, you will be provided with the documentation on the conformity of the installations and the relevant certificates. At the end of the work, you will receive a “MyHomeBook” from us. It is the album of your project with photorealistic views, before-and-after photos, a description of ideas and a collaborative project. Thanks to ‘MyHomeBook’ you will have a unique memory of your home.

Write to us if you have any questions or would like to receive a preliminary project estimate!