About us

Interior renovation in Genoa

What does he do
Between Art&Design?

Our Company mainly deals with restructuring
construction and interior design in Genoa, but also throughout
Italy or abroad. Regardless of whether it’s a big one
project or a simple restructuring, our objective is
put your needs at the center of attention. The services
they include technical but also artistic advice.

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The birth of Between Art&Design

We are three brothers: Jackson, Luis and Leonardo Villamizar. At the beginning of our activity we collaborated as independent companies (@luis_artdesign / Leonardo & CO. Interior design studio). During this period we gained work experience in various sectors: construction, interior finishing, artistic decorations and sales. Together we carried out renovations and interior design works in Genoa but also throughout northern Italy. Our hard work has allowed us to be recognized in the sector as highly trained professionals with attention to detail. In 2018, we finally decided to give life to a common goal that would allow us to express our style, always poised “between art and design”.This is how Between Art&Design was born: a family business where everyone’s skills merge to create something unique.

Our Goals

Create together

The interiors of our houses are very personal and intimate spaces. we want you to feel comfortable in your space, and that the design chosen reflects your personality. that’s why we approach each project with you. on our part, we bring to fruition every idea, every tool, every experience to achieve a unique and highest-quality result.

Quality of materials and workmanship

Our dedication to high-quality interior finishes stems from our deep passion for what we do. to ensure the best possible service, we utilize a team of specialized professionals, guaranteeing the highest level of competence. this allows us to maintain complete control over all the necessary activities involved in your project.

Meet the team of our professionals!

Complete management

We understand that achieving a quality result requires the skilled management of companies and professionals, each specializing in their specific area. this allows us to complete projects on schedule. we’ve developed a “tailor-made” approach, where we handle every aspect of your home’s interior design from start to finish.

Art, design and creativity

For us, a project goes beyond just space planning and material selection. creativity compels us to consider every facet of the design: from custom furniture design to signature finishes, lighting design, and even the creation of unique furnishing accessories. we approach every project individually, treating it like a work of art.



We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative materials. In fact, we pioneered the use of low-thickness microcement and resin coatings, anticipating current market trends by several years. We also make sure the technologies we use are cutting-edge. That’s why we incorporate 3D modeling, photorealistic visualizations, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) into our design process.


Our Satisfaction

The positive word-of-mouth from our clients confirms that our work is truly valued. This has fueled our continued investment in Between Art&Design. Every day, we strive to see the smiles, wonder, amazement, and joy in the eyes of our clients. This is where we find our deepest personal and professional satisfaction.